Experts 2022

Nikolay Korzhenevsky — Economic Observer, Russia 24 TV Channel
Mr. Korzhenevsky earned his Master’s degree at State University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) and had internship at Stanford University (California, USA). He specialises mainly in international finance; the core area of his academic interests is the interrelationship between financial markets and macroeconomic processes. He worked as author and presenter of the Markets programme on RBC-TV and later as Deputy Director of the Centre for Economic Forecasts, Gazprombank. Since 2013, Mr. Korzhenevsky has been author and presenter of the programme Economics: Day Rates on TV Channel Russia-24, which is devoted to key macroeconomic and financial topics of the day. He also highlights the main economic events (Davos Forum, SPIEF). In parallel he is working on his thesis Contemporary Methods of Monetary Policy and the Implicit Function of Central Banks. He is also continuing his academic activities at the HSE.