Emmy van Deurzen — Principal of the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling
Emmy is the founder and director of the New School, which she set up in 1996, initially at Royal Waterloo House. She is a chartered counselling psychologist and registered existential psychotherapist. She was the first chair of the UKCP and of the Society for Existential Analysis, which she founded. She created Regent's College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling of which she was the founding Dean and where she was given a chair in Psychotherapy and Counselling. She has also been an honorary professor in psychotherapy with Schiller International University and with the University of Sheffield. She is visiting Professor with Middlesex University, with whom she created the joint doctoral programmes offered by NSPC. She has published widely on existential psychotherapy and counselling, including her recent books Everyday Mysteries (Routledge, second edition 2010) and Psychotherapy and the Quest for Happiness, (Sage, 2009). Her book Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy in Practice (Sage) saw its second Edition in 2002. Emmy’s work has been translated into a dozen languages. Emmy was External Relations Officer to the European Association for Psychotherapy for many years, and is past Chair of the Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (UPCA) and of the Psychotherapy section of the British Psychological Society (BPS).


15 january 19:00–20:30