January 15, 2021 20:14

The Gaidar Forum 2021 on Modern Leaders’ Must-have Qualities

The Gaidar Forum 2021 on Modern Leaders’ Must-have Qualities

How have the requirements, tasks and skills changed in the post-COVID world? What will the challenges be for the modern society and what qualities do modern leaders need? What course to choose and what to develop in yourself to remain relevant, successful and happy? The panel session “Competence Required for Post-Covid World” on the second day of the Gaidar Forum 2021 discussed the changes that present new requirements for the creation of a cluster of must-have professional competencies.

The discussion was attended by Vsevolod Belousov, Acting Director of the Federal Brain and Neurotechnology Center of FMBA of Russia; Ruslan Vesterovsky, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia; Konstantin Dolgov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy; and Vladimir Ostromensky, Chief Doctor of a maternity hospital for the Scandinavia clinic chain, winner of the 2018-2019 “Leaders of Russia” contest. Maria Afonina, Vice-Rector for Educational Activities of the Senezh Management Workshop, moderated the discussion. The panel discussion was held with the support of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Russia is the country of opportunities”.

According to the panelists, year 2020 showed how dynamic the demand for skills that used to take years to build can be. New clusters of competencies have emerged, old ones have transformed, and some have disappeared from modern life altogether. In 2021, you need to be mobile and fast, have time to change and develop new competencies, stay happy, and think carefully about your career path. However, it is worth considering the issue of competencies from various aspects, as the pandemic has impacted all areas of the society: healthcare, science, education, leadership, digitalization. Having understood and developed the qualities needed in a dynamically changing world, a person will perceive the crisis not only as a danger, but also as a time of new opportunities, according to the session participants.


Photographer: Gerdo Vladimir / TASS

The Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World After the Pandemic” will be held on January 14 and 15 at the Presidential Academy. The Forum will traditionally open the annual business agenda of Russia. In 2021, this large-scale event will be held in a hybrid format, both online and offline.

This time, the main discussion track will be social and economic transformations that have occurred in the country and the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The expert discussions will be focused on the national and global development goals and the search for practical solutions to the most urgent challenges of today. The Forum’s participants include ministers from the Russian Government, members of the Federal Assembly, governors of the Russian regions, largest world experts, representatives of foreign states.

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The main competences in the new reality, according to Vsevolod Belousov, are “to stay healthy” and “to be able to keep the right diet”. This is what the modern human’s success in a world with a mutating coronavirus infection depends on. Talking about what can be useful in practice for modern specialist, the scientist told about neuroplasticity.

“It’s the brain’s ability to adapt to new situations. New contacts are formed, new synapses, new connections between neurons, the old and unnecessary ones are destroyed. In fact, it is the ability of us as individuals, as organisms, to adapt. Plasticity is a quality that current leaders at every level will find relevant,” the expert believes.

Vladimir Ostromensky derived another important competence - “leadership authenticity”. Its essence is to develop your own management style, avoid copying others, and remain an individual. The expert believes that basic education will remain important in the new reality, and “rapid translocation from other spheres and professions” will be added to it. He explained all this using the example of a “competence theater”, where everyone can take on a different role. According to him, authenticity is crucial, even in conservative spheres of life. Over the past year, medicine in Russia has made great progress thanks to new technologies, medicines, and the experience of other countries. He sees happiness management as another competency that will become increasingly important in the coming years.

Ruslan Vesterovsky commented on the growing importance of HR in a post-pandemic world. According to him, the modern human needs to have several career strategies. Konstantin Dolgov added another competency to the list – digital literacy. Using the example of his managerial experience, he described how the digital divide is being overcome even in the most remote regions of Russia.