15 january 18:15–19:15
Expert Discussion ONLINE


Languages: Russian, English
Grigory Yudin, Head of the Center for Contemporary Political Studies of RANEPA
Pierre Rosanvallon, Head of the Department of Contemporary and Contemporary Political History at the Collège de France, author of The Time of Populism (2020)
Nadia Urbinati, Professor at Columbia University, author of "I Am the People: How Populism is Changing Democracy" (2019)
Rise of populists has become the crucial issue for policy scholars over the past decade. Some of them see it as a short-term trend, while others - as a sign of deeper transformations of liberal democracy. For modern political theory, populism has not been a surprise, but made us look at the prospects of modern democracy in a new way.

Issues for discussion:
• Should populism be viewed as a cynical political tactic or as a new form of democratic politics?
• What is the historical moment for populism to emerge, and how is it intertwined with contemporary democratic politics?
• Is the pandemic capable of stopping the populist wave or, on the contrary, will the economic recession strengthen their positions?