14 january 13:30–14:30


 Studio, Edge
Olesya Polyanskaya, Director of Communications, Union of professional pharmaceutical organizations
Sergey Belyakov, Managing Director, Ozon
Anton Buzdalin, Founder and Vice President of Strategy at Sber Eapteka
Yevgeni Nifantiev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Alexander Filippov, General Director of Rigla LLC
On April 12, 2019, amendments to the Federal Law No. 61-FZ of April 12, 2010 "On Circulation of Medicines" came into force, providing for the online sale of medicines. In May 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the Rules for the issuance of permission to remotely sell therapeutic products for medical use.
The pandemic has demonstrated the need for an early transition to digital health, part of which is access to medicines through remote ordering and delivery to the end user. One of the most pressing issues remains the issue of online sales of prescription drugs. This mechanism is being implemented as part of a pilot project in Moscow and the Belgorod region, and there are plans to spread the practice throughout Russia in the future.

Discussion points:
• What are the prospects for the development of online trade in prescription drugs in Russia?
• Has the introduction of E-commerce increased access to medicines for people in villages and small towns?
• The role of the pharmacist in selecting a drug. How scientific consulting in E-commerce is organized.
• Liability of violators and how will new entrants to the pharmaceutical market be punished for non-compliance.
• Electronic prescribing as a prerequisite for the sale of prescription drugs online.