14 january 17:00–18:00


 Studio, Numbers
Timur Islyaev, Co-owner and CEO, GRT Consulting
Vladimir Voloshin, Managing Partner, Newman Sport & Business Consulting
Lidia Drobysh, Russian Freediving Federation project producer, founder of the Pilots Agency communication agency
Alexey Molchanov, President of the Russian Freediving Federation, Co-owner of Molchanovs International Company
Maxim Urazov, Director, Department of development of physical culture and mass sport, Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation
Freediving is the only sport in which a person can stay one-on-one with the water element as long as his internal resources and body capacities allow him without using any additional equipment. The sport is becoming popular, with more and more people signing up for freediving courses and improving their performance through training. Of course, not everyone should aim for records, but training develops something more important: the ability to extinguish inner panic, relax and focus on what's important. Moreover, the development of alternative sports is becoming a catalyst for attracting more and more people into the sporting reality.

Discussion points:
• How does the development of alternative sports affect the popularization of sports in the Russian Federation?
• How does freediving help each of us be more effective in life?
• How are freediving and the development of sports tourism related?